Anja Mulder

Since I don't have much of my own to post these days (camera charger = lost = crying forever) and I am looking for reasons to procrastinate on Christmas gift crafting, I thought I would post some of my current favourite things over the coming weeks.

First up, photographer/illustrator Anja Mulder. Here are links to her website & blog.

And because I'm a freak for cats, I can't resist;


City of Craft

I just wanted to extend a big thank you to everyone who stopped by my table at City of Craft this weekend. All of your smiles and positivity mean the world to me!

City of Craft was my first show - and all in all, it was a crazy and wonderful experience. I feel a little aimless now that all is said and done, especially because I can't distract myself with studio work, but I'm doing my best to stay happy about the fact that things I crafted are out in the world. But with that, I'm realizing, comes some measure of stress and weight. The insecurity that comes along with the fact that I have customers now (!!!) surprised me, and I can only hope that my work lives up to expectations.

I apologize for the rambling - this week it's time to focus my energy on getting my leftover stock online, the house cleaned up, and anything and everything Christmas related in order. And then, deep, deep sleep.


Once again, I'm sorry for all of the silence on the blogging front! Things have been a little beyond hectic with my final critiques & my thesis work... and prepping for City of Craft!

I'm in awe that the date has finally come - but maybe that's because I haven't been sleeping much lately. My table will be set up in the Theatre Centre. Hope to see you there!


The Bruce

I don't know what took me so long to share these photos from our weekend away in Red Bay, along the Bruce Peninsula. But either way, here they are! It was incredibly beautiful - Corey and I decided we'd both be pretty okay with living in a little cabin on the lake and making things all day long. You don't realize how much living in the city can get you down until you spend some time away from it.

PS; The blog layout is back to normal, though I finally figured out how to change the width so I can post large photographs. Oh happy day.


Forgive the funny blog layout, I've been toying with changing around Blogger templates trying to find something that works for me. I'm far from proficient with HTML, but I'm also not cool with some Georgia font nor crazy colours hanging out on my page. This may take awhile - but it's a nice break from apartment tidying and sewing tea towels.

Also daydreaming of moving this blog over to tumblr... Perhaps I'll post a little more over there. I just can't get used to official blogging!


lazy friday

The view from bed; a little relaxation before we head opposite ways to work tonight.


Miranda July saves the day!

Just in the knick of time - the week ahead promises to be a busy one. If I ever talk about taking a philosophy course again, please (PLEASE) hit me over the head with something.

Now, to stash the laptop before I browse Nowness for the next hour.

PS: Sorry for not linking to the video on Nowness directly. It seems Blogspot won't let me embed the video so I had to seek out the youtube version.


Lotte Bostlund

Ever since reading the article on Gunnar and Lotte Bostlund (and their ah-mazing lamps) in the most recent issue of studio, I've been on an internet hunt for one of my own. Alas, they are hard to come by and at least a couple hundred dollars when I do. But seriously, look at these creatures of beauty - of course they're coveted!

Anywwwway - Imagine my excitement when I found one at Goodwill yesterday! On half price day, of all days - the day we tend to avoid because the store is so picked over. I paid $4.50, and it even has it's original shade! The only thing that's missing is the harp - which, always seems to be missing on lamps in thrift stores. It looks almost exactly like the lamp in the photo below, but both the base and the shade are a foot taller. This thing is a behemoth. (A behemoth of beauty, yes.)


Oh, hello!

School has begun and ideas are flowing. Corey and I photographed some of the work I produced this summer in the backyard last week. I hope you like them!


Susanna Vento

My mental to do list is about a mile long and I'm stressing about the start of the semester, impending news, my lack of fitness, and leftover laundry. I think today it's easier to escape my little world and focus on the beautiful apartments of others. Namely, Susanna Vento - I spotted these over on Seesaw a week back and have had the tab open on my browser ever since.

I don't think there could be more things that I love crammed into one person's house. Actually though; a white Bertoia chair, string shelves, a Kauniste tea towel, that Olle Eksell poster I'm super infatuated with, amazing lamps (including one with a huge arm), and amazing textiles (including a pillow covered in triangles, yes). Pretty much, I'm one big gush-y mess, but I really love this space.


Final Days

It seems my days at the Harbourfront are coming to a close. I'm leaving my residency a week early to take a short break and deal with a battle against bedbugs and crazy neighbours. It looks like moving might be on the table.

Anyway, here are the last of my photos from around the studio; I printed some tea towels using natural dyes. This little set explores the whole process, first creating a pattern, then testing colours, and finally, printing the final pieces.



I've been taking a ceramics course this summer, taught by the wonderful and fun Tony Clennell. I meant to share these photographs a month or two ago. These are a few cups from a set I had been working on at the start of the course. Each was thrown with red clay, then covered with some drippy white slip. Next, I carved into the white slip to expose the red clay beneath. 

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the work after glazing - I sold the set of four at Big on Bloor before I had taken pictures of the finished forms. Oops. I'm a little bummed, but mostly just grateful that someone is enjoying my work! I hope to put these into production in the fall - I like the balance of organic and articulate in these cups; the contrast between the drippy slip and hand thrown forms versus the rigid illustration. 




Painted Baskets

As someone who is always desperately searching for new storage solutions, I find myself intrigued by these paint-dipped baskets I spotted over on Apartment Therapy. Thoughts? I'm going to keep my eye out while thrifting in coming weeks - you know, so I can add yet another project to my to do list.

I'll be back to update with some new yardage I'm working on, to be printed with natural dyes. Enjoy the sunshine!


Things are quiet on the blog front, but a little hectic in real life! With Big on Bloor behind me and my summer courses coming to an end, I hope to have a little more time to relax and set up my etsy in coming weeks - just in time for school to start. I thought I would share a few photos from around the studio so you can see what I've been up to.

Also, thank you to everyone who stopped by my table! I received so much positive feedback - it truly made the day worthwhile!



Spring cleaning has turned into summer cleaning, and I've been busy, busy, busy. I've had these photos of living spaces stashed on my desktop for ages; maybe posting them here will give me the inspiration I need to whip this apartment into shape. If you know their sources, let me know so I can set up a link!



As promised, some of our spoils from a recent trip back home. The small green pot was made by Copco in Holland. It's lid is chipped, so we're on the hunt for a replacement. And that pretty lady is a new favourite. I swear, we don't have enough wall space in our tiny house!


Ceramics. Give me all of them.

It seems I can't get my hands on enough planters and vases these days. Drippy glazes, lovely colours, fat lava... I want to cover every surface in the apartment. Corey wouldn't be pleased.

So, uh.. somebody buy me these?

meredithandalice etsy - $17

eBay (here!) - $50

Forgive my absence, yet again. School is over, and the job hunt is on - and in just over one month I'll be starting my summer stint as a Harbourfront Centre resident. I feel so honoured, and I am so excited!

I thought I would share bits of my portfolio - the portfolio which helped me earn this residency! In many ways, I feel that if you scramble the style of each of these pieces together, it brings you to the way in which I'm working now.

Braids Yardage - 2009

Original name, I know. This was my first attempt designing and screening yardage. I thought it would make great drapery! I love how dramatic the vertical stripe is, and the very sketchy approach in which I drew the braids.

Surreal Forest - 2010

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of this print as yardage, just the pillow I created with the fabric I printed. It's these kind of bold, geometric but natural shapes that I'm quite drawn to these days.

Rough Geometry tea towel - 2010

Corey and I printed these tea towels for our family last Christmas. They're basic, but retain the boldness and pops of colour I'm quite drawn to. I drew the pattern using a china marker, one of my favourite tools these days! You can't see it in the photo, but the texture of the marker shows through quite well.

I'll do my best to keep my updates more frequently, especially once the Harbourfront starts! I should have a 'Thrifty' post or two in the next week too. We've been finding some pretty great stuff!



While I'm not the biggest fan of small letter/big letter writing, I am a big fan of this song. Amanda posted the video awhile back, and I've been listening to it with frequency since. It's so perfect for dancing wildly in around the apartment, sun streaming through the windows.

I swear, it's the change of seasons - things are looking up!



Do you ever find yourself endlessly daydreaming about the summer time? Perhaps this explains my month long hiatus from my very new blog.

I want to picnic in High Park, clean the house from top to bottom, wander the city in sandals hand-in-hand with my best friend, and create in the sunshine. Not to mention, I miss my freckles.


Jeff Hamada

I think this piece by Jeff Hamada is going to sum up the next few weeks quite well.



Another slow week on the thrifting front, despite the fact that we hit up three of our favourite Burlington haunts. We were disappointed, but it's probably for the best since we're both on a bit of a cleaning & organization binge. I think these three items are a testament to the fact that my preferred 'interior style' - if you will - is changing. I think the three are really charming together!

The birds will be posted in our shop, but the the photograph and the planter I'm still so gaga over. I'm elated every time I look at them, which is probably unnatural but not altogether negative, so I'll take it. I saw the boat photograph at the Salvation Army in September but it was (somewhat) outrageously priced at $10, so I decided to leave it. This week was the first time we'd been back to the store and I ran for the picture frames. I think I squealed when I found it, and promptly turned around and had the most awkward run-in with an old high school acquaintance. Nevertheless, I'm so happy to have it sitting on my desk.

Also, this happened. I couldn't resist these cacti seeds that I spotted at Canadian Tire this week, despite my crazy financial situation. I planted 5 different pots with these seeds in hopes that a few of them would actually grow. They take up to two months to germinate, so I won't be holding my breath. But I will update when they do!


bamboo doodles

I bought a Wacom Bamboo this time last year, and returned it for fear that the learning curve might kill me. And then I received one for Christmas and stashed it in the back of the closet for the same reason.

I decided to suck it up and finally give it a try over reading week. And guess what? It's the best. Honestly. No learning curve, no frustrations - just super fun times. It's been a long time since I've been this excited about drawing! Here are a few of the things I've been up to.