Somehow, I've let the week pass me by and I have yet to write about the shows I got to see last weekend!

Corey and I made our way to Dundas Street to see Made at Home and Capacity, at Made and Bookhou, respectively. Both shows were incredibly inspiring - and I wish I could share photos, but my camera was stashed at home.

Made at Home was incredible, as well as incredibly relevant, as I just began my minor in furniture making. The show was set up like a typical apartment, albeit, a typical apartment full designer furniture. There were some pieces that made our jaws drop, and others that didn't quite do it for us - but that's taste. In coming weeks, I'll try to profile some of the work I loved most.

Capacity didn't have the quite the 'wow!' that Made at Home did, but in retrospect, I appreciate it more. The work took the form of a wide variety of media, from print, to ceramics, to textiles, to designed works. My favourites were the Aster* bowls by Kirsten White and the print series titled The Universe Will Not Be Typeset by Ayla Newhouse.

I feel like the Interior Design Show is too much to cover in this one post - but know that it was wonderful/disappointing. The Sibling Revelry exhibit was not only a great idea, but its execution was beautiful. The exhibit brought together four Canadian sibling design duos, with each team designing a 600 square foot space. The space by the Brothers Dressler was the greatest - not to mention, the are the babeliest twin brothers around. Studio North was also super well done! If you're interested, kitka has a wonderful post reviewing all three of these shows - complete with the photograph's I'm lacking!

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