throw back

I've been spending too much time over-thinking these days. I can't tell if the winter has got me down, or if I'm just inclined to be preoccupied with worry. I was looking back through my flickr account this morning, and I came across a few of these shots that look down. I thought I group them into a little collection and share.

Thesis prep is the worst of it, I think, in terms of the over-thinking and worry and general doubt. I'm not sure that I'm headed in the right direction right now, but for the sake of making it through the semester, I'm going to keep with it.

I am, however, really excited for the direction I'm headed in Concept Development. Our 'narrative' project had me feeling uninspired for some time, but I'm incredibly happy with the result - and very excited to keep exploring this theme. I feel that for the first time in ages, I've broken outside of this aesthetic box I had trapped myself in, yet I've still managed to maintain an aesthetic that (I feel) is very true to myself.

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