Forgive my absence, yet again. School is over, and the job hunt is on - and in just over one month I'll be starting my summer stint as a Harbourfront Centre resident. I feel so honoured, and I am so excited!

I thought I would share bits of my portfolio - the portfolio which helped me earn this residency! In many ways, I feel that if you scramble the style of each of these pieces together, it brings you to the way in which I'm working now.

Braids Yardage - 2009

Original name, I know. This was my first attempt designing and screening yardage. I thought it would make great drapery! I love how dramatic the vertical stripe is, and the very sketchy approach in which I drew the braids.

Surreal Forest - 2010

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of this print as yardage, just the pillow I created with the fabric I printed. It's these kind of bold, geometric but natural shapes that I'm quite drawn to these days.

Rough Geometry tea towel - 2010

Corey and I printed these tea towels for our family last Christmas. They're basic, but retain the boldness and pops of colour I'm quite drawn to. I drew the pattern using a china marker, one of my favourite tools these days! You can't see it in the photo, but the texture of the marker shows through quite well.

I'll do my best to keep my updates more frequently, especially once the Harbourfront starts! I should have a 'Thrifty' post or two in the next week too. We've been finding some pretty great stuff!

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