Final Days

It seems my days at the Harbourfront are coming to a close. I'm leaving my residency a week early to take a short break and deal with a battle against bedbugs and crazy neighbours. It looks like moving might be on the table.

Anyway, here are the last of my photos from around the studio; I printed some tea towels using natural dyes. This little set explores the whole process, first creating a pattern, then testing colours, and finally, printing the final pieces.



I've been taking a ceramics course this summer, taught by the wonderful and fun Tony Clennell. I meant to share these photographs a month or two ago. These are a few cups from a set I had been working on at the start of the course. Each was thrown with red clay, then covered with some drippy white slip. Next, I carved into the white slip to expose the red clay beneath. 

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the work after glazing - I sold the set of four at Big on Bloor before I had taken pictures of the finished forms. Oops. I'm a little bummed, but mostly just grateful that someone is enjoying my work! I hope to put these into production in the fall - I like the balance of organic and articulate in these cups; the contrast between the drippy slip and hand thrown forms versus the rigid illustration. 




Painted Baskets

As someone who is always desperately searching for new storage solutions, I find myself intrigued by these paint-dipped baskets I spotted over on Apartment Therapy. Thoughts? I'm going to keep my eye out while thrifting in coming weeks - you know, so I can add yet another project to my to do list.

I'll be back to update with some new yardage I'm working on, to be printed with natural dyes. Enjoy the sunshine!