Susanna Vento

My mental to do list is about a mile long and I'm stressing about the start of the semester, impending news, my lack of fitness, and leftover laundry. I think today it's easier to escape my little world and focus on the beautiful apartments of others. Namely, Susanna Vento - I spotted these over on Seesaw a week back and have had the tab open on my browser ever since.

I don't think there could be more things that I love crammed into one person's house. Actually though; a white Bertoia chair, string shelves, a Kauniste tea towel, that Olle Eksell poster I'm super infatuated with, amazing lamps (including one with a huge arm), and amazing textiles (including a pillow covered in triangles, yes). Pretty much, I'm one big gush-y mess, but I really love this space.

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