Lotte Bostlund

Ever since reading the article on Gunnar and Lotte Bostlund (and their ah-mazing lamps) in the most recent issue of studio, I've been on an internet hunt for one of my own. Alas, they are hard to come by and at least a couple hundred dollars when I do. But seriously, look at these creatures of beauty - of course they're coveted!

Anywwwway - Imagine my excitement when I found one at Goodwill yesterday! On half price day, of all days - the day we tend to avoid because the store is so picked over. I paid $4.50, and it even has it's original shade! The only thing that's missing is the harp - which, always seems to be missing on lamps in thrift stores. It looks almost exactly like the lamp in the photo below, but both the base and the shade are a foot taller. This thing is a behemoth. (A behemoth of beauty, yes.)

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