Anja Mulder

Since I don't have much of my own to post these days (camera charger = lost = crying forever) and I am looking for reasons to procrastinate on Christmas gift crafting, I thought I would post some of my current favourite things over the coming weeks.

First up, photographer/illustrator Anja Mulder. Here are links to her website & blog.

And because I'm a freak for cats, I can't resist;


City of Craft

I just wanted to extend a big thank you to everyone who stopped by my table at City of Craft this weekend. All of your smiles and positivity mean the world to me!

City of Craft was my first show - and all in all, it was a crazy and wonderful experience. I feel a little aimless now that all is said and done, especially because I can't distract myself with studio work, but I'm doing my best to stay happy about the fact that things I crafted are out in the world. But with that, I'm realizing, comes some measure of stress and weight. The insecurity that comes along with the fact that I have customers now (!!!) surprised me, and I can only hope that my work lives up to expectations.

I apologize for the rambling - this week it's time to focus my energy on getting my leftover stock online, the house cleaned up, and anything and everything Christmas related in order. And then, deep, deep sleep.


Once again, I'm sorry for all of the silence on the blogging front! Things have been a little beyond hectic with my final critiques & my thesis work... and prepping for City of Craft!

I'm in awe that the date has finally come - but maybe that's because I haven't been sleeping much lately. My table will be set up in the Theatre Centre. Hope to see you there!