285 days.

Give or take - 285 days since I last said 'Hello.'

Days fly by! School is long gone. I've taken an extended break from making objects, but instead find myself creating in other ways. We've said goodbye to Grafton Avenue, and found ourselves in a new apartment, just up the way. Galley, and it's wonderful. A career has fallen into my path, and I'm elated and taking it day by day.

So, hello again, at long last. And Happy Holidays!


desk scenes

You would think I would post here more often, given that the winter tends to cause me to hibernate at home, but alas, I continue to be the worst blogger in the world.

Craft'd flyers that I printed for an event last weekend / a branch from Tarsila and camera spots / Broken pot and mug - I think Corey is trying to tell me something.


Debbie Powell

I recently stumbled upon the work of Debbie Powell, a super wonder illustrator and maker of things. You can check out her website here, or blog here - or her jewelry line Rah and Rah here. Probably just get caught up in all three, if you have an hour to kill.